A Western Portrait

This is a cinematic work for orchestra and a tip of the hat to the American western genre.

Thank you for listening. Full score and parts will be available soon!

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Composition and mockup by Dave LaGrande. To hear more or to learn more about the composer, please visit www.davelagrande.com.

Software libraries used for production included libraries from @SpitfireAudio, @UVI, @Heavyocity, and @NativeInstruments

Vlog #1 - "I'm a Screencaster! - (sort of)"

(Disclaimer: You may need headphones to hear dialogue. Rookie screencaster mistake.)

So for the first time I have decided to share some of my own music (while still a work in progress) - in order to give a glimpse into the world I’ve been working in, why I’ve made some of the choices, and also share a little about my work flow. Jump on this journey with me - it’ll be fun, educational, and real. No fancy production tricks - honest, real time editing, and progress. As always, thanks for your support! - DL

New Music Available + Printed Score/Parts

Hey friends -

Dave LaGrande on ScoreExchange.com

I am happy to share that one of my original compositions has been published and made available on Score Exchange for purchase. Waltz Upon a Time is modern / classical / cinematic waltz written for small orchestra. If you’re seeking some light hearted yet unique Disney-sque material for your program, this may be the ticket!

License for public performance is included and includes neatly engraved score and parts. Difficulty level is moderate and the piece has a performance length of approx. 2mins. A mp3 reference is included as well. Feel free to share with your local orchestra directors! - DL

Available in Print from Score Exchange - Click the artwork for details.


First placement for Uncle Dooney Tunes Publishing!

A 30 sec spec track composed by Dave LaGrande found its way onto The Daily Show in August of 2018. The segment’s main theme centered around a made up children’s show provides the perfectly ridiculous sonic backdrop for this politically charged skit. Big thanks to #ComedyCentral and #TheDailyShow for using our music! You can hear the original track here.

New Music Available for Sale / Stream / Licensing!

Hopeful Journey is a functional instrumental piece performed on piano with string accompaniment. It’s the very first release under my new publishing entity - Uncle Dooney Tunes! More to come and as always thanks for your continued support. Available on all platforms including iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and Google Play. Licensing available exclusively from Songtradr.com by clicking here.

Pivotal People... (Originally posted 1/6/18)

I often think about how I got to where I am. Not really physically, but all encompassing - as in, one thing leads to another and another and another. If one traces back the steps in life - even the bad steps - and assuming we are sitting in a place where we have at least one thing we are proud or excited about - don't we really have to be thankful for every experience and person, who by at the very least, "social physics" propelled us into the direction that put us exactly where we are right now? More later on the less fortunate experiences that got me to this moment ...for today, I'll be writing about all good things and for good reason. 

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Musically Declined (Originally posted 2/6/18)

- You may have stumbled onto this blog entry by accident...maybe you follow the band I play for most regularly...maybe you're genuinely interested in what I have to say - which incidentally isn't much in the verbal sense most of the time...I'm more of a thinker that occasionally has great timing for one-liners, and comical quips to get a rise out of a group I'd been sitting silent in for most of the night...or perhaps 2017 was also an impactful year for you as well. Regardless, I hope if you take the time to read this entry you feel as though it was time well spent. 

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